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Pink sand in Elafonisi

Majestic colors, pink sand and green-blue waters! One of the most popular beaches in the world.



If you want to discover for yourself some exotic small island, covered by sand dunes and the beaches with pink sand and tropical waters you don’t have to travel so far away to find it. This one is situated in south-west side of Crete and called Elafonissi. It is a protected national park according to European Act Natura 2000.

Enother reason that Elafonisi is included in the protected areas of Natura, is because here lay the Caretta-Caretta turtles.

So there you will have your time to enjoy the view and bath, or just to have some dinner or cup of coffee

About The Tour

Schedule (Apr 20 2024 - October 15 2024)
Places Covered
Elafonisi beach, Chrissoskalitisa monastery
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Round transfer from Radisson Blu to the closest pickup point (deliver you to bus) 30.00€ (transfer)
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Monday English, German, French, Russian, Italian
Thursday English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish

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  • Days : Mon
  • Period : Apr 08 2024 - October 15 2024
  • Departure : 06:00
  • Return : 19:00

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